Both And

The assumption of scarcity creates a paradigm within which business, government and civic leaders make decisions that choose one good objective at the expense of another good objective. This is the traditional and historically pervasive “Either Or” decision-making construct.

The “Both And Theory” assumes that the synergy of physical and human resources, intellectual property, creativity and technology transforms the resources beyond the traditional assumption of scarcity to an assumption of abundance. In this construct leaders can decide to choose Both good objective one And good objective two – the Both And Theory.

Rather than choosing Either Or we can now choose Both And.

A Leadership Pledge

  1. I acknowledge that leadership is a privilege and not a right. Because of the privilege granted to me other people depend upon me to make excellent decisions.

  2. I will not make a decision to select either one good objective or another good objective without first considering a decision that achieves both good objectives. (the Both And Theory)

  3. I will base no decision upon fear, pride or ego.

  4. I will not judge a person based upon anything other than character and ability. And I will work to help others who have apparent disabilities.

  5. I will lead my organization in such a manner that I will help end racism and sexism.

  6. The organization I lead will leave the planet and mankind better than I found them. I will always consider the environment, including the human environment, in all of my decisions.

  7. I expect thought conflict in my organization and will value and encourage it, always respecting those who disagree with me. During this thought conflict resolution, I will always respect my leadership team, colleagues and our organization.

  8. Because I need improving tools to adapt to emerging business and technological trends, I value life-long learning and will personally continue my education whether formally or informally. I will also encourage those whom I lead to continue their life-long learning.

  9. I will work to create jobs that pay a living wage.

  10. I will respect those I lead because I know that without them, I can create nothing.

And I pledge that I will pass my leadership skills to the next generation of leaders who will benefit from both my successes and my failures.